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Valuing a Startup using the EBITDA and DCF methods

Valuing a startup can be a complicated process, which is best achieved through a dynamic solution. It calls for several elements to be taken into account. There are several methods that can be used to enhance the quality of the valuation of a company. EBITDA and DCF are two such methods.

Why should you protect your intangible capital?

What does it consist of and why should we protect it??

The management of sensitive data

At the heart of corporate value creation is a flow of strategic, technical, commercial, financial and organizational data. Some of this data is considered “sensitive” because its value depends almost exclusively on the secret or confidential nature of the data.  

What does the company’s intangible capital consist of?

Why do we need to protect our intangible capital?

Startups: how do we value them?

It is not easy to evaluate a business that has not yet had time to prove itself. There are no results or balance sheets to give you an idea of its potential and value. But there are other ways to value a start-up.

Trade secrets and their strategic implications

Trade secrets are valuable alternatives to patents, and can also complement them. 

Putting together a financing file: obtaining a business loan

Every year, many entrepreneurs and businesses seek financing to complete a project. How do you go about putting together a file and obtaining a business loan?

Putting together a good file to obtain a bank loan

Why do we need to protect our intangible capital?

Managing your startup: the essential financial KPIs

KPIs or “Key Performance Indicators” are very often cited as key performance indicators for companies. However, it is not always easy to determine which ones are the most important to manage a company.

Measuring entrepreneurial capacity

The entrepreneur is usually the owner of the business. He participates in its development and controls it in order to generate profits. This activity assumes that he has certain skills. Many of these are required and arise from the entrepreneurial process. How can entrepreneurial capacity (EAC) be measured? 

How to protect your databases?

Data security is an issue that concerns all market players. Here are some good practices to protect your databases efficiently. 

Intellectual Property: Legal and Financial Assessment

The value of intellectual property is a key element in the capitalization process. The value of industrial property rights is becoming more and more important in these operations. The financial valuation of intangible assets, i.e. industrial property rights, makes it possible to appreciate all the financial aspects of a strategy, and to manage rights more efficiently. This can become particularly profitable if the whole is properly managed. 

Bad balance sheets: how to get credit?

The company’s latest accounts show declining figures, or even losses. It is difficult to convince potential investors or creditors under these conditions. Here are a few tips to implement in order to ensure that the bank will follow up on the financing.

Developing a business model

The business model, commonly called “business model” is an organizational tool to create value and exploit its environment. Mastering it is necessary to understand the digital transformation of a business. Accessible and widespread tools allow everyone to analyze their own model and to imagine its future evolution. 

Intangible capital & the laboratory notebook: its role and functions

Also called a “black book” by professionals and teams at Intangible Capital Value , the laboratory notebook is a particularly important document. Especially for an innovative company, it has essential functions which we will discuss below.

Putting together a financing file: obtaining a business loan

Every year, many entrepreneurs and businesses seek financing to complete a project. How do you go about putting together a business case and getting a business loan?

Valuation of intellectual property rights

The valuation of intangible assets makes it possible to identify and control the various financial aspects of the industrial property strategy. Thus, it is essential to know the value of the assets whether it is in the context of a negotiation assistance, a transfer, damages and interest, the valuation of a patent or trademark portfolio, in the context of a tax issue or even an optimization of the management of the assets.

Startup valuation according to EBITDA and DCF

The valuation of a startup is not an easy operation. Indeed, it requires the consideration of several elements. It is a dynamic operation based on qualification and confirmation of forecasts in order to measure the capacity to generate Ebitda and thus value.
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